Hello World

Hi, my name is Ryan and you’ve stumbled onto my little corner of web. 

This website is a bit of a starting point for a couple different things I have going on. First and foremost this is my home on the web and a place for me to post various bits and pictures of what is going on my life. I’m also going to use this as a place to host things I’m doing and writing about semi-professionally. 

The two things you’ll find here are going to be writing about my journey as I work on building out my developer skills focusing on front-end web development for the moment (focusing on mobile and PWA). I’ll be using resources from Udacity & freeCodeCamp to get started. I will also be writing about is living a life mobile. I’m a bit of a mobile phone fanatic and thanks to T-Mobile’s excellent Jump on Demand program I tend to move between smartphones regularly. However, with Samsung bringing Linux to the DeX experience I’ve decided to experiment with living a completely mobile lifestyle built around a combination of DeX, ChromeOS, and as needed Linux. More on that in a forthcoming post but I hope that my experiences are helpful for anyone else out there (developer, technical, or regular users) interested in living a life cloud and dropping the concepts of traditional computing. Will it work? Who knows, but it will be fun and something new. 

I’ll have links to each of these areas off the main page on my site as well as my portfolio, GitHub, and other information as I learn more about web & mobile development. 

Welcome, and I hope you enjoy the ride.